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Open Minds Magazine - June/July Issue


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Open Minds Magazine Issue 2 - June/July 2010  

Cover story: The Vatican: Extraterrestrial Secrecy - Special Vatical UFO issue: Our in-depth look into the Vatican's recent concern with etraterrestrial life and its surprising history of interest in the subject.


In This Issue:


Obama & The UFO Secrecy - By Grant Cameron & Angelia Joiner

Efforst are underway to convince Pres. Obama to disclose the truth about UFOs. Are their pleas falling on deaf ears?

The Zanfretta Encounters - By Umberto Visani

Investigated by Italy's military police, Zanfretta's expericne is the most famous Italian abduction case.

The Chinese UFO Phenomenon - By Wendelle Stevens

Chinese UFO research once had to be conducted behind closed doors. That has changed thanks to a group of educators.

Colonel Corso: Pentagon Insider - By Maurizio Baiata

A Colonel i nthe U.S. Army admits he handled the debris from a crashed UFO in Roswell. Open Minds is releasing his personal notes.

Behind a UFO Documentary - By Angelia Joiner

An inside look at the making of James Fox's important documentary, recently featured on the History Channel.

Cattle Mutilations - By Alejandro Rojas

Cattle are being killed in Colorado and authorities can't figure out who or what is responsible.

The Duboc Interview - By Paola Leopizzi Harris

A French commercial airline pilot and his crew have an incredible encounter with a UFO.

Alien Autopsy: New Evidence - By Philip Mantle

A British UFO investigator believes he has finally discovered the truth behind the popular alien-autopsy video.

Aztec Omens and UFOs - By J. Antonio Huneeus

Before the coming of the Spaniards, the Aztecs saw strange celestial objects that they took as omens; today we call them UFOs.

Vatican Disclosure - By James H. Nichols

The Vatican may know more than they are letting on. We explore rumors of their secret extraterrestrial connections.

Catholic Dogma Faces E.T. - By Daniel Sheehan

The former General Counsel at the Jesuit National headquarters provides insight on the Vatican's role in extraterrestrial relations.

Sightings Reported - By Alejandro Rojas & Ryan Sprague

Ex-military police officers' UFO encounters and a car that has odd electromagnetic fields after it is buzzed by a UFO.

The Vatican: Extraterrestrial Connection - By J. Antonio Huneeus

Our main Vatican story focuses on recent interest in extraterrestrial life and its suprising history of interest in the subject.


In Every Issue:


In the News

Our editors gather the most important UFO news around the globe.

Open Minds Mail

We invite readers to contribute their thoughts here via letters or email.

Researcher Profile

Profiles on people who have had an important impact on UFO research. In this issue, we highlight Dr. Josef Allen Hynek.

Eye on the Investigator

The most accomplished and celebrated researchers within the international UFO community are recognized. In this issue, we hightlight George Knapp.

Photo Gallery

Open Minds shares some of the most compelling UFO sightings of all time from our private archives.

Under Review

Reviews of the latest movies, television shows, documentaries, and books inspired by the UFO world.

Highlights from OpenMinds.tv

Showcasing highlights from our popular website www.openminds.tv.

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  1. Fascinating

    Posted by Mary on 26th Jul 2010

    A fascinating read on the Vatican and ufos. I would recommend every Catholic read this. No, actually I recommend that EVERYONE read this.

  2. OM: The Real Deal

    Posted by Barry on 16th Jun 2010

    Bought the first OM issue, and I'm sold. It's clear you are putting the "real" info out there, not the merely sensational, just to sell magazines. Thanks for doing real journalism in the name of the UFO Truth. May I suggest an article and analysis of Greer's CSETI photo of an "ET" at Joshua Tree Park, asap.

  3. open minds magazine

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2010

    Excellent issue, really impressed

  4. Latest issue

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2010

    I just bought your latest copy of OpenMinds and it is by far the best and most informative magazine I've read in a long time.

    Please keep up the GREAT work!!

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