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Open Minds Magazine - August-September Issue 2010


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Open Minds Magazine Issue 3 - August/September 2010

Cover story:  Special Issue:  Alien Abductions: One of the most important mysteries of our time.


In This Issue:


Most Important Abduction Cases - By Sean Casteel

Profiles of several famous abduction cases in the U.S., including Betty and Barney Hill and Whitley Strieber's bestselling Communion.

The Blue Room - By Michael Schratt

Arizona senator Barry Goldwater was denied access into America's top secret UFO warehouse. New UFO-related documents are revealed.

Taking UFO Abductions Seriously - By Peter Robbins

A long-time observer, witness, and researcher of alien abduction, provides an overview of this phenomenon.

Wendelle Stevens: Blue Book - By Wendell Stevens

Colonel Wendelle Stevens discloses fascinating details about his experience working next door to the first official UFO probes.

Four Foreign Abduction Cases - By J. Antonio Huneeus

This article profiles four important UFO abduction cases in Brazil, Argentina, Poland, and China, between 1957 and 1994.

Taken by the Fire in the Sky - By Alejandro Rojas

The abduction case of Travis Walton is one of the best known incidents and was portrayed in the Hollywood movie Fire in the Sky.

Travis Walton Interview - By Maurizio Baiata

The famous abductee reveals personal details about his case in this exclusive interview.

United Nations UFO Hearings - By J. Antonio Huneeus

In the late seventies the UN General Assembly established a UN agency or department to deal with the UFO phenomenon.

Romanek Abductions - By Alejandro Rojas

Romanek is the most famous abductee in the U.S. today. His case involves evidence including unconscious writing of complex equations.

Romanek Interview - By Maurizio Baiata

Catching up with abductee Stan Romanek, this interview reveals the human side of the abduction experience.

Battle of Los Angeles - By Richard Dolan

In 1942, Los Angeles was raided by a formation of unknown aircraft. Historian Richard Dolan reveals the full story.

The Case of the Conneticut Hikers - By Budd Hopkins

A chapter from Budd Hopkin's published memoirs revealing the case of the Connecticut hikers.

Project Aquarius - By Michael Schratt

Open Minds is releasing a never-before0seen reconstruction of where the U.S. government is allegedly researching extraterrestrial beings.

Spheres: The Biologic UFO - By Jason McClellan

Open Mind's researcher photographs strange energy spheres in Mexico. Are these objects living entities or mechanical probes?

UFO Over North Atlantic - By Alan Foster

A commerical pilot had an unnerving close encounter with an unknown "plasma craft" in 1967 and was debriedfed right after landing.


In Every Issue


In the News

Our editors gather the most important UFO news around the globe.

Open Minds Mail

We invite readers to contribute their thoughts here via letters or email.

Researcher Profile

Profiles on people who have had an important impact on UFO research. In this issue, we highlight: Dr. John Mack.

Eye on the Investigator

The most accomplished and celebrated researchers within the international UFO community are recognized. In this issue, we hightlight Linda M. Howe.

Photo Gallery

Open Minds shares some of the most compelling UFO sightings of all time from our private archives.

Under Review

Reviews of the latest movies, television shows, documentaries, and books inspired by the UFO world.

Highlights from OpenMinds.tv

Showcasing highlights from our popular website www.openminds.tv.


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    Posted by Dennis Franz on 3rd Aug 2010

    I'm blown away, most credible sounding magazine of its subject by far.

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